Monday, May 23, 2011

Big East expansion: what the coaches say

Brett McMurphy of recently conducted a survey of the eight current head football coaches of the Big East, plus Gary Patteron since he'll be the ninth starting in the fall of 2012. The topic was expansion, and according to McMurphy's survey, 5 of the 8 coaches want to expand the football conference to 12 members. That's good news if you're Central Florida, East Carolina, Houston or SMU- who were all specifically named as preferred new members by current Big East coaches.

Patterson, however, said he would prefer the league to stay at just 9 football-playing members- the same number that have been in the Mountain West for TCU's entire stay in that conference up until this fall. A nine-team league, like the old Southwest Conference before the departure of Arkansas, makes for a symmetrical 4-home, 4-away conference schedule with a predictable schedule from year to year since home & away opponents just flip-flop each fall.

Joining GP in saying "no mas" is UConn basketball coach Jim Calhoun, although he just doesn't want to see an 18th basketball member added. It's likely that Calhoun and most of the other basketball coaches would like to see Villanova added on the football side in an attempt to appease the basketball-only schools like 'Nova themselves, St. John's, Georgetown, Providence, DePaul, Notre Dame, Seton Hall and Marquette.

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bscooter26 said...

As much as I despise them, it is a shame Notre Dame will never join the Big East in football