Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Playoff Trash Talk Happens

It's that time of year again, when your best friends become your worst enemies as your blood pressure and BAC rise with every promo for "The Closer" that TNT runs. The NBA Playoffs started over the weekend, and I know you've all got some unresolved issues that you need to vent by talking shit about someone else's favorite team. And that's great, because we've got a place set aside for you- the NBA Smack-Down Forum in Section V.

So come on, Spurs fans- let us know how un-worried you are even after losing Game 1 down south of the border*. And Mavs fans, you've got a pretty big Game 2 tonight against the Blazers- can Dirk come up big again to grab a 2-0 lead? I knew too many Louisiana kids when I was at TCU and a few Memphricans, so I'm sure we've got some Hornets and Grizz fans here too, don't we?

I hope you Rockets fans out there won't get bored. We've got some turpentine for you to continue trying to erase the asterisks from your two '90s championships. But they aren't coming off...