Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sour Grapes- Texas A&M Baseball Edition

Much like famed Fatback Javorskie Lane, Aggie fans are crybabies too.

While all the quidditch talk has been fun, and we know that inevitably it will take over TCU as the preeminent "sport" on campus (I hear they are about to offer Coach P the big bucks to take over their squad, and by big bucks I mean a bag of magic beans, a book of spells, and an assortment of different potions), we did play a pretty important baseball game last night. During my free time yesterday, I went over to and tried to stir the pot a little, respectfully of course, only to rediscover what I already knew but had forgotten- that Aggies are the most brain dead, delusional fanbase in the history of sports. So I'll share with you a few nuggets they left for me to marvel at yesterday, as well as a few from the aftermath of us beating them down in College Station. I'll break this down into pregame and post game sections, to make it a little easier.


Let's not forget the conferences that teams like TCU and Rice play in. They can save pitchers for big time Tuesday night matchups. We have to throw our best pitchers every weekend just to win the series. Should be a very good game tonight.

Andrew Mitchell is not a typical weekend nor weekday starter this season, so we clearly didn't save our ptcher for a big time Tuesday matchup. We beat you with our closer starting. Deal with it.

TCU followed Rice's formula to success. Play all your important games in February and then fatten up on conference tomato cans on the weekends. It's an easier and emptier path to success no doubt.

and of course TCU's success last year was strictly due to an amazing stroke of luck in getting a 1st round MLB draft pick (a pitcher no less) to campus. In the last 20 years the odds of that happening are very very slim.

Ironically TCU got to see how the other half lives (so to speak) when UCLA's rare 1st round pick (that made it to campus) beat them in the CWS.

So, if following Rice's "easier and emptier path to success" gets us several trips to Omaha and a national championship, I guess I'll take it. I also believe this guy is trying to talk shit about us losing in the semifinals in Omaha. You can't really do that when you get knocked out in the regionals, can you? What's next- Rose Bowl smack??

When was the last time TCU won a national title in.... anything? Seriously, Froggies... Come on, now. And yeah, you've made it to Omaha once. I guess that means you're a stellar athletic program, huh? Looks like that MWC thing is really working out for ya! Oh wait, you're leaving because you realize that you're irrelevant and no matter what you do (go undefeated against a really soft schedule save one team who was battered and bruised by the time bowl season came around, etc.), you won't be in title contention

Yep. Rose Bowl smack. And did this poster really just try to scoreboard TCU's athletic success by piggybacking on a woman's basketball national championship? Wow, since fringe sports count, quidditch team- we need you to step up and bring home a title so I have some ammo to defend of fledging athletic's programs with. And to answer this poster's questions- 2 riflery championships in the past 2 years, and we've been to 2 straight BCS games, 2 straight super regionals and our trip to Omaha, so yes, I'd say that means we have a stellar athletic program. The MWC thing is working out better for us than the Big 12 is working for you, clearly.

P.S.- You're only making it worse. I really didn't care a whole lot about tonight's game. I was gonna just do my thing and sit back and watch a Top 10 match up tonight. Now, I'm bringing it all. No mercy now...

Wow. No mercy, huh? How'd that work out for ya? Good thing they left that game changer in the stands and didn't give him a jersey. He sounds intimidating.

Tcu people are like Baylor in a way. They taste a little success and proclaim they are the greatest in all sports. Our baseball team isnt a world beater but neither is TCU until what the last 2 yrs? Basketball?? Does TCU have a team? Football? Congrats, freaking Suckchione could have taken us to bowl games in the MWC and he's a cancer to programs.

This one was by far my personal favorite, so I'll wrap up the pregame stuff with it, although there is plenty, plenty more. We are like Baylor??? I guess I can see it, since Baylor has 2 BCS games, a Rose Bowl win under their belt, and didn't get eliminated by TCU in the regionals in Fort Worth last year, right? And if Franchione is such a "cancer" to programs, why is TCU thriving so much right now? He may have set your weak football program back a decade or so, but we have moved forward and continue to since he left. Typical Aggies, when things aren't right, blame someone else. Maybe the "cancer" to your program is the fact that it's in College Station, TX and no teenage kid in their right mind would want to live there (unless they have a goat fetish).

Post Game

Alright so on second thought, there are over 600 replies in their game thread, and most of them are just bitching about the inability for the Aggies to hit the ball and griping at their head coach for making poor managerial decisions all game, and not so much dogging TCU. There are several butt-hurt Aggie comments claiming that we had to pitch our best pitcher to beat them, which if they had any knowledge of TCU baseball at all, they would realize that this has been Mitchell's role for most of the season with the previous 2 weeks being the exception. There are a few comments similar to this one:

But oh well, playing a soft schedule allows you to save pitchers for Tuesday games against teams who are playing against stiff competition during the weekends. Like what happened tonight. Congrats on starting your closer to beat our #4 pitcher who was 1-3.

Where to begin. I wouldn't say pitching a guy on Tuesday who has been pitching Tuesday the majority of the season is exactly saving them for Tuesday games, is it? He pitched last Tuesday and also this weekend, so he wasn't exactly being saved and shelved all weekend. And quit bitching about using your #4 pitcher who is 1-3 and us beating him. We pitched Erik Miller, who is arguably our #6 pitcher against OU, and he is currently 1-6. Oh, and I'd like to commend Erik Miller on coming in with a runner on 3rd in the 8th and getting a key game saving out. Well done. I guess the real tragedy for the Aggies is that their "#4 pitcher" is 1-4. Andrew Mitchell and Stefan Crichton would be our 4-5 guys, and they're much better than that. I guess that's why we win regionals.

So that's pretty much the gist of it all, but if you wanna go stir the pot some more and see if the Aggies are still butt hurt in the morning, then feel free to head over to and see what you can do. However, most of them are probably still asleep because they drank their sorrows away at the Dixie Chicken until browning out and then went home with a farm animal.


NurseFrog31 said...

The bloggers may have been delusional, but the fans I heard talking at the game were generally complimentary of our team, how we played, how brilliant Mitchell was on the mound, our hitting, etc.

Not gonna lie, I almost had a heart attack when Miller went in with that close situation. I couldn't open my eyes until my friend told me it was over. He's almost become the Ross Evans of our baseball team to me.

shortnkerley's said...

Ross Evans of the baseball team- I like it. That was a HUGE out he got though, so props to him there. Good to see that some knowledgeable Aggies do exist out there, but they are still few and far between.

CFBMN said...

Ease up on the goat fetish talk. That Aggie was just helping the goat over the fence, that's all.

Slay Purple said...

I was at the game and I don't even want to know how many aggies asked us if we were ranked, or if our team was any good (it was nice to mention we beat UT at home to advance to Omaha)...It was great though to hit three bombs in their field after a half-season of feeling like our hitters are lacking in power.

Any word on Purke's diagnosis?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

You forgot to post the greatest comment of all where that aggy said he would rather have their seasons of regularly losing 4-5 games in a tougher conference than winning a Rose Bowl that our schedule "gift wrapped" for us. Baylor Logic is the new aggy logic.

shortnkerley's said...

There were certain things I read on that blog that I tried to block out of my memory forever, and that was one of them. Thanks for restoring that into my memory bank.