Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patriots pick Williams in 7th Round

A few hours after Marcus Cannon became a New England Patriot, he was joined by his TCU teammate Malcolm Williams when the Pats selected the safety with the 219th overall pick. Williams, who made just 12 tackles playing mostly special teams in 2010 for the Frogs, had his immense potential recognized by New England. He was a very highly-regarded recruit who originally signed with OU coming out of South Grand Prairie as the 5A Defensive Player of the Year. He spent two years at Trinity Valley CC before transferring to TCU.

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Lyle Lanley said...

Just FYI, after about a million hours of watching the draft, I'm finally going to dust the Dorito's crumbs off of myself and take a shower and go actually interact with other humans.

If any other guys get picked here in the 7th, I'll post something when I can.