Sunday, April 3, 2011

New duds

Former Frogs Brian Bonner, David Hawthorne and Jason Phillips were on hand last night at TCU's annual football banquet to model uniforms for the 2011 season. TCU will not participate in Nike's Pro Combat program this year but these uniforms are the newest material and we will have some 27 uniform combinations. Angy Trey was gracious enough to snag some photos.

The main difference you'll notice is the frog is gone from the helmet and I believe the helmet has the frog skin design. It also appears that the purple is more flat and there is a black stripe down the middle. As for the jerseys they look similar to what the Frogs wore in the Rose Bowl. I'm not a huge fan of the black sleeve on the white jersey, or the sleeves on any of the jerseys, but overall they look good in my opinion. Though as usual, if the players like them then I'm happy. What do you think?


bscooter26 said...

Looks like the helmets might be matte/flat purple, similar to the baseball helmets.

janorman74 said...

I was there - the unis look pretty sweet. The Helmet looked matte purple to me in person - although my friend said he thought it was lizard printed as well - he must have caught it in different light.

That was the greatest event ever - got to me Jake Kirkpatirck, Tank, and Coach, get pictures with Tank and Coach - and get photos holding the rose bowl trophy, that son of a bitch is HEAVY.