Monday, April 25, 2011

Matt Purke Update

Whenever you see your star pitcher's name in the same sentence as "Dr. James Andrews", it's usually not good news. So when the news came down in the early part of last week that Matt Purke was being shut down "indefinitely" and had an appointment with Alabama's most famous elbow mechanic, you had to start preparing yourself for the news that the Frogs' star lefty might be done for the season...and perhaps done with his TCU career.

But check out this tweet from Sirius XM College Sports:

TCU Head Baseball Coach Jim Schlossnagle says he is confident that Matt Purke will return this season, possibly in the next 2-3 weeks

Schloss was apparently on Mike Ferrin's College Baseball Show on Sirius-XM last night- so if anyone heard the interview, please share any other pertinent details with us in the comments section. I would think that they will touch on this subject in the pregame show for tonight's game on KTCU- so again, if you hear anything on there share it with us!

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Tanner said...

shit i have xm and didn't know there even was a ncaa baseball show. i'll start listening i guess?

all that is on there is finebaum and omg. the football show...had mike leach...

he is not...a good speaker, lets just say.