Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Horned Frog license plates

If merely putting a TCU sticker on your car doesn't do enough to let drivers behind you know where your allegiance lies, you're about to be able to slap one of these TCU license plates on your jalopy- and you don't even have to go wait in line at a DPS office. Starting May 2, according to Angry Trey's blog post from last week, you can go online to MyPlates.com (or just click HERE) and sign up to have TCU plates replace your current ones.
...or if you'd rather go for the "Keep Texas Wild" plates that you've seen around the state for years, you can get those online, too (click HERE). You'll be giving money to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (but not TCU) with these plates.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Frogs Athletics>Environment

VikingFrog said...

Environment License Plate > Frogs Athletics License Plate