Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gotta get that Bling

Incoming recruits at just about any school have a dream of someday winning a national championship for their school. In the last week, though, one future Horned Frog as well as a future Texas Longhorn have verbalized their desire to bring honor to the schools that they will soon be attending.

First it was future UT linebacker Peter Jinkens, after an impressive performance at the Nike Camp held on the TCU campus last weekend, who expressed his intentions in a report by ESPN's Jeremy Crabtree (the report also includes praise for 2012 TCU commit Daje Johnson) by stating that:

"We're getting a ring -- a BCS ring. I'm talking one of those fat ones that you knock people out with."

Impressive, huh? Watch out though, Pete- the APD might consider that assault with a deadly weapon...especially when you compare a BCS ring to those decidely non-lethal "We lost to Baylor" rings that the current Longhorns are wearing around town.

Kolby Griffin, who will be graduating from Houston's St. Pius X High School next month before enrolling for summer classes at TCU, also sees a championship in his future (thanks to the guys at for allowing that to be free content):

"I went to the spring game and am truly excited to be a Horned Frog, it is up to this team to carry on the tradition the classes before us have set and to better that by winning a national championship."

Interesting comparison...

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