Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frogs Lose to OU for the Infinitieth Time in a Row

Maybe not shitty, but frustrating.

In front of the 3rd largest crowd in Lupton Stadium history, the Frogs decided to commit 4 errors en route to their 8th straight loss to OU, falling 7-4. In 2 games this season against the Sooners, TCU has committed a total of 8 errors. For those who don't know baseball, that's way too many. Like 7 or 8 too many. Andrew Mitchell wasn't his usual sharp self, walking 3 and giving up 4 runs (only 2 of them earned) in just 3.1 innings pitched. Trent Appleby worked a solid 3.2 innings in relief, allowing only 1 run and keeping TCU in the game for the most part, but Erik Miller came in in the 8th inning, decided Aaron Schultz didn't get enough grounders during warmups, and launched an ill-advised throw into centerfield attempting an impossible double play while runners were on the corners allowing a run to score and make it 6-3. That was the moment where most of the 5,000+ fans started to file out of the stadium.

TCU hit the ball well, but the winds were blowing in and line drives were crushed into the gloves of the left and centerfielders for most of the middle innings. Joe Weik did take an opposite field homer off the scoreboard, and Jantzen Witte and Josh Elander both crushed balls into the wind and off the fence, but more often than not we were unable to drive the runs home. TCU had a chance for a dramatic 9th inning comeback by loading the bases with 0 outs for the top of the order, but after a Rivera sac fly made it 7-4, but Witte flew out to center and Featherston grounded out to first, fittingly leaving 2 runners stranded to end the game.

I'm tired of doing TCU baseball recaps. They are making me angry.


NurseFrog31 said...

I've said it before, but now I'm sure...

Erik Miller = Ross Evans of baseball.


shortnkerley's said...

Not really Miller's fault last night, in his defense, but he was the one that made people wanna leave.

guildenidas said...

Not fair to call miller the Ross Evans of baseball. he only chokes in important games. lets call him the Kyle Brotzman of baseball