Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big East to Villanova: Thanks, but no thanks

Ever since TCU was announced as the ninth football-playing member of the Big East in the fall, there has been rampant speculation about who a potential #10 (and #11 and #12) might be. The consensus somehow seemed to indicate that Villanova would be invited to follow in UConn's footsteps and join the conference as a football-playing member after moving up from Division I-AA.

Not so fast, my friend.

The conference has apparently put a halt to the Villanova board of trustees' vote on the matter, which was to happen today. Why? Because 'Nova, a school about TCU's size but with a fraction of the football fanbase, was planning on using an 18,500-seat soccer stadium- located just a quick 30 minute drive from campus- as their venue for BCS conference football. Seriously, Villanova? Doesn't Howie Long have enough money from all of those Chevy commercials and his residual checks from Firestorm to help you build a real football stadium? Or what about the Eagles' stadium- couldn't you kick Temple out of there? They play in the MAC!

So what does this mean for the Big East? Well, they could decide to wait on Villanova to find a more suitable home- although the fact that they had several months to find one and came up with an MLS Stadium nowhere close to campus says quite a lot about their commitment to their football program. So perhaps the league would look to one or more of the following: Houston, SMU, East Carolina, Memphis, Central Florida or perhaps even the afore-mentioned alma mater of Bill Cosby. Then again, they could just sit tight at nine for now- which would suit me just fine.

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Sir Wesley Willis said...

Now that we're all up in the "in crowd," I'm not into sharing the wealth with all that non BCS scum.