Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are the Frogs homewreckers?

Since the fall of the Southwest Conference, TCU has been the most nomadic team in the country- having already played in three other conferences and with plans to join a fourth next July. Along the way, it seems that the Frogs' membership has been a precursor to those conferences breaking up: the original eight MWC schools left the WAC three years after TCU joined, Conference USA was beheaded four years after TCU joined, then the Mountain West was plucked apart this past summer just as the Frogs seemed to be settling in for a long stay.

Now Mark Blaudschun of the Boston Globe is speculating on how the league is dealing with it's growing pains in the wake league apparently telling Villanova that it's football program is- at least for now- not welcome.

One concept that Blaudschun touches on is the idea that the conspiracy-theorists on message boards have been calling 'inevitable' for years: that the non-football playing schools will split from the rest of the league. Those basketball-only schools didn't want TCU joining, but they let it happen to appease the football-playing schools. Will they compromise further to allow Houston, Central Florida or someone else to join?

I realize that losing Seton Hall, St. John's or DePaul is no skin of the back of most TCU fans. But you have to realize that losing Georgetown, Villanova or especially Notre Dame would be a major concern to most of the rest of the conference. The reason I'm not too concerned about this is because those basketball-only schools need Syracuse, UConn, Cincinnait, Pitt, etc more than the other way around.

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Sir Wesley Willis said...

Oh man, so according to that article, one of the compromises for adding another school is to limit the number of teams in the BE Tourney to 12... in which case, we may never see the Frogs in a post season of any kind ever again.