Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Morning Dump

Defense lifts TCU by UTA

Win streak reaches four in 7-3 win over UT Arlington

TCU coach Gary Patterson puts Frogs through their paces

TCU tries to end sour season with better taste

TCU opens MWC tourney Wendesday vs Wyoming

Matt Carpenter stars; Cardinals lose 8-7
ST Louis Today

Athletic Department:
Notes on a scorecard


Brian B said...

Thoughts on this?

Lyle Lanley said...

Hard to argue with it. We have a lot of Johnny-come-lately fans.

Those of us that have been around for a while know we're not bandwagon fans.

shortnkerley's said...

Yeah I don' take too much offense to that. Having bandwagon fans usually equates with winning (unless you're Notre Dame or the Miami Heat). Fans are fans, and I'll take what we can get. UT fills a 90,000 person stadium every Saturday with about 50,000 bandwagon fans, so whatever.

CFBMN said...

I'm not surprised to see TCU on the list, but the list in general surprises me - Notre Dame? Auburn? Seems like he just picked some teams that have had recent success and some big programs that have had recent struggles.

The part that I find funny is the whole term "bandwagon fan". We're surprised when people come to watch a team that has success? I'm a diehard and watch bad teams through thick and thin, but I don't really expect others to do that.

Hey, we're going to put a bad product on the field - come watch! I don't keep going to a restaurant with bad food and bad service out of "loyalty", so the bandwagon talk should be kept within reason.

Our baseball team is drawing better than basketball - I wonder why?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Fan attendance smack is always the lamest of smack... but it's still fun to attack SMU for it.

Also, bleacherreport has even less credibility than spitblood.

Also, our fans should be #1 in this category.