Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning Dump

With bloom off the Rose, Frogs need growth from replacements

Patterson amused, if not thrilled, with TCU's final run through Mountain West

TCU 2011 football schedule released

TCU set to begin spring practice

TCU's complete 2011 schedule announced

Frogs aim to continue historic run

It will be next to impossible to accomplish to top what TCU did in 2010
Dallas Morning News

Aune pledges to TCU

TCU hopes to end doldrums at Texas Tech

TCU hits road for weekend test at Texas Tech

Athletic Department:

Samuels and Witte named February scholar-athletes

Q&A with Pittsburg head coach and former TCU basketball player Jamie Dixon
Daily Skiff

Spitblood mention:

Frogs tagging ponies a college prank?


VikingFrog said...
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VikingFrog said...

I'm pretty sure that SMU tagging was Banksy. I hear he is a Frog fan.

Slay Purple said...

TCU has also been on a recruiting tear as of late, stealing a great RB from Baylor, picking up a solid QB from Argyle, and getting a verbal from WR Griffin Gilbert (the brother of UT's Garrett Gilbert) who also has an offer from UT. Solid work GP

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I hope we're getting Gilbert's brother just so the offensive linemen can have a nerd to shove into lockers and carry their bags for them.