Monday, March 14, 2011

How Damaging was Saturday's Loss?

On Friday, I warned that dropping even a single game to Houston Baptist over the weekend would be catastrophic to TCU's postseason resume. Well, on Saturday HBU became the first team to defeat Matt Purke and took down the Frogs, 7-4. TCU, now 10-5, has an RPI of #66 with losses to #267 HBU, #127 Kansas and #107 Dallas Baptist.

Before you turn your fair-weather back on this team (you know who you are), you should remember that a baseball season is very long and even the best teams have some warts on their schedule. Baseball America, for their part, was forgiving to the Frogs- only dropping them to #10 in their latest Top 25 poll.

Putting all strength of schedule and RPI considerations aside, though, how do you feel about this year's team so far? They obviously have the talent to compete for a national championship, but are the lapses in focus of the early part of the season an omen for how the rest of the spring will pan out? Are these early hiccups a cause for legitimate concern, or do you think we'll be laughing about this while tailgating in Omaha this summer?


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Definitely wasn't the news I was expecting when I walked inside my house to make sure lyle was still alive after Saturda's festivities, but you just have to roll with the punches I suppose. Probably no reason to go into a panic, but we're going to have to do some SERIOUS making up for it in Conference. I'd rather us get the bullshit losses out of the way now rather than have something like Air Force last year that basically sealed our fate to Austin. It worked out, but it's definitely not preferable. I think it probably has a little to do with this team just assuming they were going to walk out and roll everyone, which is something I'm shocked Schloss would let happen, but to have Pena and Featherston step up like they did after the game and grab the team by the balls has to be construed as a good thing. Miserable loss but no need to dwell on it.

Regardless... is it football season yet?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I guess I'm less worried just because we have tangible evidence of what these guys are capable of doing. I think it's a mindset thing.

CrabblerK3 said...

I'm just concerned with our consistency. That's the kind of thing that really comes out over a long season and our roster doesn't quite appear to have the upperclassman leadership that it has the last few years. Losing to HBU is terrible and I know anyone can lose one baseball game, but this team's almost matched last year's loss total and we're 3 weeks into the season. Certainly last year's run was something special, but this squad should still be rolling folks.

Concerned? Yes.
Off the bandwagon? No.

Really weird not seeing the stadium driving around in FW though. This was my first time back since it came down.

Spit Purple said...

I'm worried because there seems to be a lack of focus. There is no way we make it to Omaha unless things change. That being said, it's early, very early and I firmly believe there's too much talent on this team for them to not be successful. The consistency will come...I hope.