Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gray visits TCU twice in one week

Chances are that even if you don't really follow college football recruiting, you've probably at least heard of Johnathan Gray. The All-Everything tailback from Aledo is the closest thing to a household name in high school football since Cedric Benson, and TCU is squarely among the top contenders to land him in the next class as he's been on campus twice in the past week to watch the Frogs practice.

I don't want to start giving away too much of the great information that Jeremiah Glenn and Jeremy Clark at provide for their customers (like the quotes they got from Johnathan after the practice he attended earlier this week), but I did feel like this was something to be passed along to the casual fans among you out there. Gray's return trip to watch the Frogs' scrimmage on Thursday shows his interest in the program is very real and has to make even the most skeptical that he'll end up at TCU (myself included) take notice.

Even though every high school kid is just a "paper tiger" until he proves himself at the college level, Gray would be the highest profile recruit to end up at TCU...ever. He also represents an opportunity for Patterson to win a head-to-head recruiting battle with Mack Brown on a prospect that the 'Horns covet just as much as does TCU- Haltom's Reggie Wilson seriously flirted with committing to TCU two years ago before succumbing to the hyperbole down at the Forty Acres.

Without spoiling the premium status of the content over on purplemenace, we'll try to keep you on top of this situation and hopefully we can create a celebratory post in the next couple of weeks if Gray decides he wants to continue the great running back tradition at TCU.

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CFBMN said...

If Gray hasn't chosen a destination before the start of the fall HS football season, we should bring the Frog Horn to Aledo each Friday night and sound off when he scores. That is, if the Frog Horn can withstand the work that Gray would give it.