Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frogs 4 wins from the Big Dance

It seems odd and desperately, depressingly optimistic to make that point. But while we're at it, why not point out that this team, currently riding a 13-game losing streak, is just 10 wins away from the program's first national championship?

Maybe I'm just using this to make a statement on the difference between college basketball and college football. Jim Christian's Frogs have won 3 less games than Gary Patterson's, yet will be given a chance to play their way to the title starting today against Wyoming at 4:00pm in the play-in game of the MWC Tournament in Las Vegas.

The pillow-fight between the 10-21 Horned Frogs and the 10-20 Cowboys is to postseason basketball what the New Orleans Bowl is to postseason football, but it does give both teams a chance to notch one last win before their seasons mercifully end and the winner a chance to play spoiler against suddenly-mortal BYU. The two teams split the season series, each winning on their home floor.

Even though the rooting interest in this team has, by this point, probably been beaten out of even some of the most ardent TCU supports, you've got to hope the Frogs can pull this game out- ending the season losing to a ranked team in the conference quarterfinals is a lot more honorable than carrying a 14-game losing streak into next year.


Spit Purple said...

I think I'll put on some purple, find a bar with the Mtn and indulge myself in false hope for 40 minutes.

CFBMN said...

Don't you mean FOUR minutes?

Worth Hills Caddy said...

Shockingly, the Frogs are favored by 2 points over the Cowboys.

losing 18 of their last 19 games and favored against anyone...i'll take that any day.

CFBMN said...

3 wins away. Get a hooker for Jimmer and make sure the school finds out before the game. Then maybe we keep the margin under 20.