Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last home basketball game Saturday night

This year's TCU basketball season has been a lot like the TV series Entourage. It came on right after something brilliant (TCU going 13-0/The Wire), so you figured you'd give it a shot. It never really got good, but it had some promise so you told a few friends to check it out. Then the losses started mounting up, Christian started booting players, the writers started giving Turtle hot girlfriends for some reason and you realized that Adrian Grenier, despite playing an actor, cannot act. Now you just want it to end.

While HBO is trotting out Entourage for one more season (which I will begrudgingly watch just to see if it can possibly be as insufferably bad as the final season of Big Love has been so far), the 2010-2011 Frog basketball campaign will mercifully come to a close soon with the last home game being Saturday night against New Mexico.

So what went wrong? I don't know, who am I- Digger Phelps? Sir Wesley will probably post something on the collapse in the next few weeks, but I just know that for yet another year, I'll watch March Madness without a dog in the hunt like kids at SMU or Baylor must do in the fall. And since my office just sent out a memo outlawing NCAA Tournament pools, I've got to play the "cheer for our conference mates" card this postseason.

The Mountain West looks like they'll be a 3 or 4 bid league- BYU, San Diego State and UNLV look like locks, with Colorado State as one of the "first four out" in Joe Lunardi's latest bracketology. Because so many teams are coming and going, I'm not sure how the money will be divided in the MWC this year, but I'm pretty certain that TCU will still get a taste if those teams succeed. The Frogs' future home, the Big East, is still holding steady with 11 probable bids (Pitt, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Villanova, UConn, Louisville, Syracuse, West Virginia, St. John's, Cincinnati and Marquette). I don't think the Frogs will directly benefit from NCAA credits earned in this year's tournament by Big East teams, but the potential numbers in a new TV contract for the league inflate with every additional win.

As for the game on Saturday, the Frogs will be looking to snap an 11-game losing streak- which includes 5 straight at home. It will probably also have perhaps half the crowd that Saturday's baseball game against Cal State-Fullerton will have.


shortnkerley's said...

I'd rather watch the rape scene in "Deliverance" on repeat over and over than watch this game. Good riddance, TCU basketball.

Spit Purple said...

Entourage comparison is spot on. Athletic department is giving away t-shirts to the first 3,000 fans. I'm not sure we've had 3,000 fans all year. Might as well stick those boxes in the lobby of Milton Daniel so girls can change out of their shacker attire en route to their 8:00am.

Do freshman still live in Milton?

CounselorFrog said...

I thought I heard that was an "honors student" dorm now. Which is a disgrace. I wonder how many of them it would take to destroy steps???

Tanner said...

milton is a co-ed now isn't it?

it looks totally different regardless. the two side doors are gone. as is the asbestos i think. or so they say.

rip milton hilton.