Saturday, February 19, 2011

Game 1= Record Crowd, Easy W

A school record 6,099 fans watched TCU's season-opening 8-2 win over Kansas last night, a game that was a game that decided pretty quickly when the Frogs scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning.

The incessantly talkative Jayhawk fans sitting right behind me had a lot of nice things to say about TCU and especially Lupton the beginning of the game. But as the Frogs made it a laugher, the KU folks' collective mood changed. Among the things overheard after that:

"It's kind of sad how schools like this put too much emphasis on athletics at the expense of academics"

If you've ever talked basketball with a KU fan, you'll realize how incredibly ironic this is. And you've always gotta love academic smack- TCU's no Harvard, but neither is KU. I know some smart people that went there, but without naming any names I know plenty of examples of the complete opposite.

"This is a lot of fans for the beginning of the game. But I wonder how many of these people even know how long a baseball game lasts"

Haha, right- us yokels from the DFW Metroplex are still so confused by the novelty of this new & confusing sport. Please, enlighten us before you return to uber-cosmopolitan Kansas, oh so worldly Jayhawk fans.

"TCU joining the Big East makes no sense- they must be scared to join the Big 12"

Sigh. I guess jean shorts cloud the mind. It absolutely floors me how many people out there have the same opinion as these folks.

"This is just too warm for February. I feel bad for people that don't really get to experience all four seasons"

I actually laughed out loud at this one. But to my credit, I kept from verbally putting these folks in their place. That might've been a different story if I weren't sitting with my girlfriend. Or if they were Baylor fans.


Taylor said...

Do you really sit there and write down what other fans say. and you claim a girlfriend?

THEFINCH said...

when the opposing team's fans are sitting directly behind you and make comments that ridiculous about your school, i don't think you have to write it down to remember it. why don't you just appreciate the good reporting and dedication of lyle on this saturday morning?

Carson said...

typical ignorant big 12 fans..

Lyle Lanley said...

I was paraphrasing

tcumurphish said...

Forget the Phog, beware of the Frog!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

wow lyle, I hope you can recover from that burning zinger!

Taylor said...

hahahaha. Thomas is right. I was totally out of line guys. My B!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I like this quote:

"He set it all up with his fastball and got guys looking dumb," Pharr said.