Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frogs vs. Baylor @ 4:00pm

If you're just not feeling it at work today, you've still got a chance to play hooky and get down to Waco to watch some TCU baseball in person as the 2-1 Frogs take on the 2-1 Bears at 4:00pm this afternoon.

Freshman Andrew Mitchell will get his first career start, after having pitched three innings of relief work in Friday night's 8-2 win over Kansas. Based on interviews with Jim Schlossnagle, we'd been led to believe that Tony Rizzotti would be the mid-week starter. But instead, Mitchell (who graduated from Stratford High in Houston) becomes the 4th Houston area-native to start for the Frogs in their first four games. Baylor will counter with left-handed sophomore Josh Turley, who was 4-0 last spring.

If you're too chicken to leave work early to head down there (it's OK if you are, I am too), you can listen live on KTCU by clicking here.


Tanner said...

booyah 2-0. last game i saw down here in waco we got creamed... and the year before that.

this makes up for the kansas game. what a great start for a new freshman pitcher.

Slay Purple said...

yeah not too bad having 2 true freshman pitchers toss a 2 hit, no run game. Especially at the home of the #16 team in the nation...And they both touched 94

chrislipscomb said...

Very nice win.