Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frogs drop Game 3 in 14 innings

Today was just one of those days for the Frogs, as they dropped Game 3 of their season-opening series, 4-3 in a 14-inning marathon.

It wasn't that they didn't have good pitching: starter Steven Maxwell pitched 6 fairly good innings, and relievers Trent Appleby and Erik Miller kept the Jayhawk hitters at bay (for the most part) as the game stretched on. And it wasn't as though there was no offense: the Frogs out-hit Kansas 11 to 9 and also walked 6 times.

What killed TCU today was the lack of timely hitting. They left an astonishing 18 runners on base, which is the stat to circle on the box score. Give Kansas credit, though, especially Colton Murray with 7 strong innings of relief and Zac Elgie, whose two-out, two-run double on an 0-2 count in the top of the 14th ended up being the game-winner.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

The 18 stranded runners was brutal, but you have to think that this instance will be viewed as an aberration going forward. Still, ouch. Frogs should've won 10-2 at least.

I think the best sign to take away from this game, and the weekend as a whole, was the quality of our bullpen. Not that it was necessarily a genuine concern, but I think Erik Miller clearly showed he's ready for the role of closer. His changeup was Roethlesbergering the Kansas batters this afternoon. Also, while Jimmie Pharr needs to work on his pick off throws, he wasn't a defensive liability behind the plate by any means and had some stroke in the batters box.

Tough game to lose, but I liked the way the Frogs fought back and had a very, very good chance to extend the game, if not win it towards the end. I wouldn't know though - the last strike was argued by the team and commentators alike, but the production quality of the TCU produced broadcast needs improvement as they completely missed the last pitch. Guess that's even more reason why I should get off me arse on a 75 degree Saturday and go watch some baseball in person.

Carson said...

I believe they also said that ball that went through to score the 2 runs was an error and not a double.

Tanner said...

it was, straight through his legs.

damnit. i wanted a sweep to start the season off.

Hornedfrog1982 said...
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Hornedfrog1982 said...

On the last call strike.

The umpire had been calling balls strikes all afternoon. Anything close was a strike. If he liked the way the ball broke even if it was way outside the strike zone he called it a strike.

There is no way in that situation with that umpire he should have taken any pitch close to the strike zone.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Agreed on that last point - he was calling some CRAZY stuff strikes, although it definitely went in our favor a lot of the time as well.