Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chasing Patterson, Part II

Yesterday I took a look at how the lofty successes of the TCU football program have created a tough act to follow for the basketball team. While the same can be said for the baseball team, Jim Schlossnagle and his crew have done a much better job of keeping up with the pace set by Patterson.

For the past few years, Patterson and Schlossnagle have taken turns one-upping eachother. In 2008-09, Patterson led the Frogs to a Poinsettia Bowl win over undefeated Boise State, so Schlossnagle responded with a first-ever berth in the NCAA Super Regionals. Patterson, not to be outdone, took his team to the BCS for the first time ever in 2009. The next spring, Schlossnagle fired back by taking his team to the College World Series and a final ranking of #3. This past fall, Patterson again gained the upper hand by winning the Rose Bowl and securing a final #2 ranking.

So it looks like the options are pretty limited for Schlossnagle if he wants to win this game of chicken. Outside of winning the national championship, I'm not sure anything else could top the magic of this past fall on the gridiron. He's certainly got the squad to do it, although we'll try not to burden him with expectations.

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