Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chasing Patterson, Part I

There's no doubt that Gary Patterson casts a long shadow in Fort Worth these days. And just like no one wants to follow the funniest guy in the room when giving toasts at a wedding, it's got to be hard to take the the stage immediately following GP. In each of Jim Christian's three years as head coach at TCU, he's had to put his fledgling program in the spotlight just after Patterson has led the football team to three consecutive Top 10 finishes.

Now, it's not as if TCU fans have any kind of expectation of Christian's team to equal the success of Patterson's. But this year has been incredibly frustrating, to the point that it's looking more and more like the basketball team may not be able to match the football team in sheer number of victories. Much like in the early '90s when the Cowboys actually won more games than the Mavericks, Christian's 10-16 Frogs are in danger of not reaching the 13-win mark set by Patterson's crew.

To avoid that embarrassing distinction (one that TCU basketball suffered twice under Neil Dougherty with his 9 wins in 2002-03 and 6 wins in 2005-06), they'll need to find a way to win three games in a remaining schedule that includes home games against tournament hopeful Colorado State (tonight), Top 10 BYU (Saturday) and New Mexico and road games against Utah and Air Force. They'll also get at least one game in the MWC Tournament, likely against Wyoming.

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Frogzilla said...

Christian must feel like the odd one out...not has our Football team flourished under Gary, but our Baseball program have as well with Schlossnagle. I have hoped Christian would turn our Basketball program around after he took over for Dougherty. Doesnt seem like its worked out too well...I hope I'm wrong though