Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bears frozen by TCU freshmen

If the best pitching performance of the young season was juniors Kyle Winkler & Erik Miller combining on a one-hitter against Kansas over the weekend, then true freshmen Andrew Mitchell and Stefan Crichton combining on a two-hit shutout of Baylor in Waco Tuesday afternoon wasn't far behind. You could even argue that it's more impressive, since Mitchell & Crichton will be around longer.

When you combine yesterday's result with the complete game shutout tossed by Steven Maxwell and Kaleb Merck against the Bears last June 6th in the NCAA Regional, Baylor hasn't pushed a run across the plate against the Frogs in 18 full innings of baseball. Maybe their baseball team should do what the rest of the Baylor student body does and get married at age 20 just so they can go all the way...home.

The good folks over at have been a pretty consistent source of entertainment over the years with their completely oblivious and delusional opinions about their teams' place in the world. One of the drawbacks of TCU's success over the last few years has been that even Baylor fans appear to be grasping reality. The grapes over there were not nearly as sour as they were just defeated, but there were a few comments that still made me chuckle:

Baylor Hooah wrote: "I just hate losing to those pricks from Cowtown, regardless of the sport"

Hmmm...then maybe you shouldn't have gone to Baylor...

StatMan wrote: "Just got home from the Baylor Ballpark. Very disappointed seeing more TCU than Baylor fans"

Way to go, Frog fans! This wasn't a football game at SMU, this was a Tuesday afternoon baseball game against a Big 12 team ranked in the Top 20 nationally.


Geezer Frog said...

Is it just my imagination, or did they really circumcise that bear???????

Rotten Arsenal said...

Speaking of BaylorFans, this one came from the football board discussion about a new football stadium, but it's kind of applicable to Baylor in general:

UbuntuBear: "20-30 years from now BU athletics may be extremely irrelevant if we do not build a stadium now. " opposed to now?