Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Basketball Tonight.

Even at his current age and wearing a dress, I'd give Larry Johnson a chance against these Frogs.

After my comically optimistic post following the Air Force game, followed up by handing the reins over to lyle to do the same post- SDSU, what better what to continue this optimism by welcoming in a team team that... beat us by 34 points earlier this season? ::sigh:: It's definitely a bit tougher to muster up enthusiasm for tonight's game based on that knowledge, but the fact that we "hung with San Diego State" on the road despite having nothing to play for certainly has to offer up some sort of positive energy to close this thing out. In fact, if you heard Hank Thorns tell it in the post game, he feels the Frogs SHOULD have come away with the victory which, while a bit of a stretch even for the most optimistic among us, should at least make it known that the team really is still trying and that the now six game losing streak is sure to end before the season concludes.

Will that night be tonight? Well, as I suggested earlier, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would bet on it happening, but I can't imagine you'll see anything resembling the beat down that occurred on the Rebels home floor. For one, despite missing Ronnie Moss, the Frogs seem to be playing more as a team by letting the offense flow through Hank Thorns and trusting him to produce the best result. On top of that, TCU has played a little defense, holding SDSU stud Kawhi Leonard to 11 points and 10 boards last time out. If this trend is to continue, the Frogs are going to have to keep a close eye on UNLV leading scorers Chace Stanback and Tre'Von Willis, two experienced players who know that UNLV hasn't played up to their reputation this year. They lost their last game out against BYU, a sweep of that series for the Cougars, and combined with losses to SDSU and Colorado State in conference play, sit in fourth place in the MWC and on the NCAA bubble. Let's just say, if the Rebels are who they think they are, and if they want any chance of making the tournament, this is a game they must win.

As for the Frogs, they just need to continue to do what they've done in their last two outings - get decent ball movement on offense and don't completely pull their pants down and bend over on the defensive end. I'd like to say that returning to play in front of the home crowd should be a welcome boost to their chances, but the losing streak combined with the weather probably puts the o/u of actual, real live non-band humans in the stands at 100, so that won't have much bearing. But, seeing as how the losing streak should for sure end this weekend in Laramie, perhaps the Frogs pull off a shocker and ride a two game win streak into their back to back games against Colorado State and BYU. I'm not betting the mortgage on it, but stranger things have happened, and if SMU is to be the next TCU, according to reports, then by that logic why can't TCU be the next North Carolina or Duke?

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