Friday, February 18, 2011

Baseball's Here Part II

A long time Spitblood follower works for Red Productions who have put together a couple videos for the baseball team. The company is employed by 83% TCU grads. Enjoy.

"Do not let our white collar appearance fool you, we are blue collar through and through" ~Schloss

TCU Baseball 2011: Game Highlights from Red Productions on Vimeo.

The Curry Blast will forever give me chills


Slay Purple said...


NurseFrog31 said...

Until we won the Rose, the Curry Slam was the greatest sports moment I'd ever witnessed in any sport. What an absolutely amazing game that was.
I guess the two are tied now because I don't think I could bring myself to choose between the two.
Go Frogs! The journey back to Omaha starts tonight!

Tanner said...

gimme that grand slam... nom nom nom.

curry drinks all their milkshakes.

i was in omaha for the first fsu game, and it was no less exciting. but watching him crush that ball into colorado with the bases loaded made me giggle like a girl. what a game what a game.

can't make it to the game tonight but lets start this thing off right with another big 12 beatdown.