Saturday, January 1, 2011

TCU 21 -- Wisconsin 19

While the rest of the crew is burning down Pasadena, I just want to point out that TCU is the 2011 Rose Bowl Champion.

Let that sink in and just smile.

For me, the 4th quarter was the slowest 15 minutes in this history of sport. At this point, I would have Tank Carter's babies. I'm a dude. I don't care, I'd birth them out my pee hole. I love that dude for jumping at the right moment for knocking down that 2-point conversion pass. Why didn't Wisconsin run the ball there? Who cares!!!

demigod Gary Patterson, getting his Gatorade Bath:

H/T: 30fps

And a fun gif of the punt downed inside the 5:


Rotten Arsenal said...

I am still wasted and still happy as I've ever been... TCU! I can't even express my happiness in a way that truly shows my joy!

Tanner said...

loved the uniforms, loved the game plan, loved watching all those a-hole wiscaaansin fans leave feeling like shit, loved the rose bowl.

hated the actual stadium...dude. get into the 21st century. we parked on a golf course. for $40. 30 minutes walking distance.

what a win.

Boner said...

Tank Carder, you silly goose.

THEFINCH said...

That's like saying they need to renovate Wrigley, what's wrong with you? That place is mystical, hands down the best place to watch a college football game.

Tanner said...

Mystical it was. And it was a great place to actually watch. But getting in and out was a nightmare. Both to the stadium and to the seats. Regardless it was awesome. And I saw erin andrews from 7 rows away