Friday, January 21, 2011

Spitblood Bracketology

I don't think the Frogs will be sniffing this either...

Here is a new Spitblood feature for all you college basketball fans / degenerate gamblers. We are going to do a brief weekly write up on where the MWC and Big East stand as far as the NCAA tournament is concerned. I will include the teams and as well the general idea of which seed they might garner. It is a work in progress so if you don't like it, then you can get the fudge out. Lets start with our current conference.


Teams In
  • #6 SDSU (20-0) - They have a basketball team? I know, I was suprised too. And they are good, really good. 'Signature win' against #12 Gonzaga. Also projected at a 2. Next Wednesday at BYU will let us know a lot about both teams.
  • # 9 BYU (18-1) - Did you know that Jimmer Fredette is the leading scorer in the country? Well he is. and he also has the worst first name in the country also. Projected 2 seed, probably drops to a 3 or 4 considering they still have rival Utah and 2 games against #6 SDSU.
  • UNLV (14-5) - They have some good wins over Wisconsin and K. State, but have dropped their first meetings with both BYU and SDSU. A loss on Wednesday to Colorado State was painful because CSU could jump up there at take a spot. Projected 10 seed.
On the Bubble
  • Does anybody else hate this term as much as me? Good.
  • CSU (13-5) - Yeah, it doesn't look good for the Rams. They still face BYU twice and SDSU twice and they haven't really put up a notable win all season except for the one against UNLV the other night. Took a pummeling from Kansas in the early goings. If they can't split those four games with BYU and SDSU then they might be out. Projected - Out
Thats it for the current conference. What about the new conference? Well, unless you live under a rock, you would know that the Big East likes its round ball. While they pulled a big 0-fer most of the year having a team in the football top 25, they have 7 in the basketball top 25 including 4 in the top 10. Pretty impressive.

Big East

Teams In
  • Pittsburgh (18-1) - 1 Seed
  • Syracuse (18-1) - 2 Seed (maybe 1?) - Scoops Jardin is the name of the season.
  • UConn (15-2) - 2 Seed
  • Villanova (16-2) - 3 Seed
  • Notre Dame (15-4) - 3/4 Seed
  • Lousiville (15-3) - 6 Seed
  • West Virginia (12-5) - 7 Seed
  • Georgetown (14-5) - 7 Seed
  • St. Johns (11-6) - 8 Seed
  • Cincinnati (16-3) - 9 Seed
On the Bubble
  • Marquette (13-6) - 12/13 Seed
So that is 11 out of 16 teams from the Big East that might make it in. The next closest conferences are the Big 12/10 with 6 and the Big 10/12 with 6. That is insane. When do you think we will notch our first conference win?? I mean, we have to beat Depaul, right?? It will sure as hell be fun to watch.

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Lyle Lanley said...

I watched DePaul on TV the other night (real TV, not the mtn). They might not have that great a record, but from what I saw the Frogs would not have an easy time with them at all.

Kind of funny that Baylor, after all the talk we've heard from Bear fans about their basketball team being every bit as elite as our football team, is currently on the outside looking in according to Joe Lunardi.