Friday, January 28, 2011

Semi-Pilfered Senior Bowl Observations: Day 4.

Like Day 3, I actually did sit through the live broadcast of the Senor Bowl practice. Like Day 3, it was pretty boring and lacking in substance. Unlike day 3, Andy Dalton did not look very sharp. At all.

In fact, all of my menial observations are going to be about Dalton because I do not recall seeing Kerley at all and Kirkpatrick is, well, Kirkpatrick. Much like Day 3, the biggest setback to Dalton's progress as an NFL signal caller is his lack of exposure to taking the ball directly from center and dropping back to pass. This clearly showed in comparison to Christian Ponder and Greg McElroy as they did not run a predominantly spread offense, which we have exclusively since Fuenderson took over calling the plays. Not that he was awful or anything, but something was just amiss yesterday afternoon. This was especially strange because a lot of the plays they were running were seemingly suited to his strengths - multiple receiver sets with the receivers running short, underneath routes, routes he was not hitting. There was also a sequence where they had the receivers running wide fade routes to the corner of the end zone that he struggled a bit with as well. Clearly not ever practice is going to be top notch, and there were certainly days at TCU where the offense wasn't clicking at all during practice despite what they did in games. I don't think one less than stellar practice is going to torpedo his draft stock or anything; it just simply rammed the point home that Dalton isn't going to be this draft class' Sam Bradford.

And that's it. Apologies because I can't find any updated info on Day 4 mentioning our guys, but you can pretty much just read any of the other daily breakdowns because not a lot changed. We'll have a recap of the game itself up and running Monday and see how the three Frogs fared in their last college game ever... sort of.

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