Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scheduling Rumors

As Counselor frog mentioned in the Morning Dump, rumor has it that we will be playing our ex-conference foe BYU next year in Jerry World. Now, I know in the past that GP made the comment to BYU along the lines of "Good Luck scheduling us in the future", but that was before we decided to bolt the MWC for the Big East. Personally, I like the idea of playing BYU again and hopefully more in the future, seeing as how our time in the MWC together started to develop into a pretty good rivalry. So, after getting screwed over by Tech and Boise, I am glad that we found a quality opponent with a good following to play us at the Death Star. And since we are on the fact of our schedule, rumor also has it that the remaining games will be filled with Louisiana Monroe and an FCS school. Those games leave a poop flavor in my mouth. I still wish we could find a BCS school to add along with Baylor, because lets face it, if we are undefeated at the end of the year, we are going to get alot of negative comments about how weak our ooc schedule was. I'm already dreading listening to what Rod Gilmore is going to have to say.


Lyle Lanley said...

Two thoughts on this:

1) I hope tickets prices for the game at Jerryworld aren't crazy high like they were for Oregon State, but I'm guessing they will be.

2) If you don't want to listen to Rod Gilmore, just go out on Friday nights instead of watching his cable access-level production quality broadcasts.

Worth Hills Caddy said...

I am all for playing BYU. However, I hope it is not late in the season when they show to have open dates.

2011 Football Schedule

Sept. 3 at Ole Miss
Sept. 10 at Texas
Sept. 17 Utah
Sept. 23 Central Florida
Sept. 30 Utah State
Oct. 8 San Jose State
Oct. 15 at Oregon State
Oct. 22 Idaho State
Oct. 29 Bye
Nov. 5 at Louisiana Tech
Nov. 12 Idaho
Nov. 19 New Mexico State
Nov. 26 Bye
Dec. 3 at Hawaii

BuckNasty said...

Yeah. Forgot to mention that it is supposedly going to be in November.

Jamie said...

In this case I don't think it would matter too much, as we have played BYU in conference in the back half of the schedule for four years. I'm sure if this game happens that CGP will be able to get the boys hyped and ready to play.

Slay Purple said...

I really wouldn't mind playing them during Thanksgiving weekend. It was great to get home that Friday and watch Auburn, Oregon & Boise play consecutively. BYU shold be able to handle UT and it could easily be a match up of undefeateds worthy of Gameday.