Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recruiting Season Mania

BYU recruits 24/7/365

I've always been somewhat amused by the college football fans who get way too into recruiting. Don't get me wrong, here- I'm definitely the type of fan who gets really into it. Recruiting season is like spring training in baseball, where every program gets a fresh start and every prospect is a future Hall of Famer. It's exciting.

But there are definitely those that take it too far. There are folks out there, I kid you not, that would've considered the day of the Rose Bowl to be ruined if a potential recruit had picked, say, Oklahoma State or Texas Tech over TCU. Watching what GP calls "paper tigers" match up against other schools' classes based solely on potential is actually more important to some people than what actually happens on the field once the kids get to campus. Sounds crazy, I know.

If you've been enjoying the "Meet the Future Frogs" posts here on Spitblood, you'll enjoy the next week or so because I'll be trying to hammer out two of those a day leading up to Signing Day. If you're already a recruiting junkie, as described quite humorously by SaturdayDownSouth.com, I realize those posts probably aren't teaching you anything new. But who knows, we might just make a junkie out of someone else out there, and isn't that the whole point?

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shortnkerley's said...

That's pretty good. The categories of recruiting board followers are spot on.