Friday, January 7, 2011

NBA Trash Talk has a new home

Guess who's gonna get the most All-Star votes

Football season might be over, but that doesn't mean Spit Blood shouldn't be one of your regular diversions from being productive at work still. We've still got TCU basketball, baseball and spring football/recruiting on the horizon- as well as the continually progressing renovations to Amon G. Carter Stadium, which you can view through the "Renovations Live" link above.

While we want to keep this site mostly TCU-oriented, we do know how sacred most of you hold the trash-talk that goes on between the three NBA fanbases here in the state. The Frogs may be something that we can all bond over, but you've gotta love how a bunch of millionaires throwing a ball into a bucket can make your best friends some of your worst enemies.

The Spurs and Mavs are running 1-2 in the West right now, and while the Rockets may have lost Yao forever, they are not too far from the 8-spot. It's not hard to imagine at least one playoff series between two of these teams around the time Coach Schlossnagle and the baseball team are surging toward Omaha for a second consecutive year- so if you feel like letting everyone know how Dirk makes Jim Kelly look clutch, or that the Rockets' uniforms make you want to claw your eyes out, or that the Spurs are the #1 favorite team for women's golf fans, please join us in the "NBA Smack Down" forum that's now part of Section V.

It ought to be a fun spring, and I hate you too.