Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Championship Quick Hits

No really long evaluation about that game because honestly, it was pretty damn boring. Even when Oregon tied it, did anybody really think that Auburn wouldn't go down and score? I didn't think so.
  • Auburn is the dirtiest team I have seen play this season and Gene Chizik has no soul. There were only two personal foul penalties on Auburn, but I counted at least four. And Gene Chizik? You put a guy back in the game who kicked a guy in the face right in front of you. Sure you gave him a good yelling on the side line, but does that really matter when your holding the crystal? No, he should have sat the rest of the game. It is now clear to me that Gene Chizik sold his soul while he was 2-10 or whatever at Iowa State to win a National Title. But as we all know, you can't sell your soul without some twist. The twist is, next year, you will return to be mediocre in the SEC for the rest of your career. Cam Newtons only come around once in a life time buddy.
  • Slooooooooopy - By far the slopiest game game of bowl season. Did either team really have a game plan?
  • Was anybody else reminded of a flag football or arena league game watching these two teams play offense? I have heard a few radio stations this morning who both said watching the game last night made them appreciate the Rose Bowl even more because of the traditional pound in you in the face nature of the game.
  • 77,000 fans?? That is really the record for that place? That's only 4,000 less than we had in their last year...and 20,000 less than the Rose Bowl (I realize it is massive). And people say we don't travel.
  • We would roll Oregon. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would beat the crap out of this team. Our secondary is better than Auburn's and do you really think that GP would let that little WR screen to the outside beat him 15 times? No, maybe once, maybe twice, but for sure not as many times as it fooled Auburn.
  • I am not sure about Auburn. I know that in a one time deal we could beat them, but it could be pretty evenly matched. Their d-line is incredible. Nick Fairley dominated that game i.e. too lazy to see how to spell your first name Suh. Their offense was just Cam Newton, but Dyer stepped up and made some incredible plays. Including the run with 30 seconds left.
  • Coaches Poll - 1 number 1 vote? Isn't that against the rules? I wonder who that was because GP wasn't a voter this year
  • AP Poll - I think lyle will have more about this later, but to quote Kirk Herbstreit from Galloway on Jan 3 - "I am not a TCU hater at all". You lie sir, you lie.
In the end I really didn't care who one this thing. On one hand I wanted Auburn to kill Oregon because then when the National Championship is inevitably revoked, it would go to us as being #2, and I hear rumors of incredibly awesome Spitblood t-shirts that might come out of this. On the other hand, I wanted Oregon to win just to wipe the smugness off the SEC and Cam Newtons face. Any way, 233 (estimated) till next season.


CrabblerK3 said...

Ndonkeykong is the correct spelling, I believe.

Tanner said...

Fairly is dirty, just like was stated. The game was sloppy. TCU, Wisconsin, Boise, Oklahoma, Stanford could have all beaten both of those teams. See how many times Newton scrambles or James gets a pitch without getting smashed in the face playing our defense.

terrible game.

beaumontfrog#1 said...

As uninteresting and forgettable as the game was, I was fascinated by Chizik's sideburns (or utter lack thereof). High and tight!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

$180K to rent a championship for 3-5 years until the NCAA comes to their senses? That's probably a pretty decent ROI.