Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morning Dump

MWC decides TCU will take 2011 trip to Boise - Star Telegram

Switch makes TCU travel to Boise State

Q & A with Chris Del Conte - Daily Skiff


TCU's 2011 recruiting class not the best, but close enough - Dallas Morning News

TCU's top positional needs for 2011
- Bleacher Report

Other News

A little birdie passed along to this blogger that the Frogs might be making a trip back out to the Arlington Death Star this season. To play who? An ex-conference foe perhaps?. Still waiting on confirmation.


THEFINCH said...

Todd McShay just gave AD love on Sportscenter, said the two qbs that have stood out so far are AD and Locker. I'll try to dig up the clip.

Lyle Lanley said...

An ex-conference foe? That could be half the country!

I'll hope you mean an SWC team and not, say, Tulsa.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

A little birdie told me from the Lamar University football program that TCU had contacted them for game this year.....This might fill our one Div 1AA game for 2011

BuckNasty said...

McShay has AD as his Top Performer from the South. I was watching the practice yesterday and for the most part he was hitting all of his passes. Also, Jeremy Kerley is having a pretty good showing. The commentators kept talking about his quickness and hands and that he is one of the better receivers on the roster this year. Heard from a guy that knows a guy with the Ravens that says Kerley will go in the 2nd round and start next year. Alot of smoke but, hey, after watching him in practice, it would be hard for me to pass him up if I'm a GM.

Spit Purple said...

So Del Conte says he plans to have the schedule done this week. BYU, ULM and Lamar?