Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Morning Dump

Patterson committed to taking TCU to new heights Star-Telegram

Gov. Perry toasts Horned Frogs, bashes BCS

TCU settles for No. 2 this time

How about Auburn-TCU for all the Tostitos

TCU doesn't take a backseat to anyone
Houston Chronicle
-Dick Justice has finally come around, great article

Lone wolf coach votes TCU No. 1; was he right?
NBC Sports

Mark Cuban tried to get TCU and Auburn to play
CBS Sports

If only TCU could play Auburn for the title

TCU parts ways with troubled transfer Sammy Yeager Star-Telegram

Athletic Department:
Notes on a scorecard


Rotten Arsenal said...

Huh... looks like Yogi transferred to Texas A&M Commerce

Spit Purple said...

I think next year is going to come down Matt Brown and Pachall, probably the right move for Yogi. I hope he does well.

Rex Kramer said...

Not sure if this was yesterday or today, but it ranks the top 50 players of the bowl season. A little TCU love here.

Rotten Arsenal said...

That's what I thought, SP. Unfortunately, Yogi came in after the legend and before the prodigy. Wrong place wrong time. I hope he does well and gets to play for TAMC.