Thursday, January 6, 2011

Morning Dump

TCU plans big party for Rose Bowl winners Star-Telegram

Dalton named a finalist for Bobby Bowden Award

TCU's Gary Patterson not contacted by Michigan
CBS Sports

TCU's Gary Patterson on BCS 'leave it like it is'
USA Today

Delaware coach says TCU says TCU is best team in the country
Dallas Morning News

Greg Townsend Jr. staying home, picks USC

Frogs play to form in loss to No. 6 Aztecs


Tanner said...

sounds about right, after hearing the high school players last night in the UA All-Star game speak out loud when they picked Auburn. Several Einsteins in there.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I get what GP is saying about the BCS, but I'm not sure he made it clear enough for the Big 12/SEC intellects to understand. I think he feels like even with a playoff, teams like TCU would still get screwed and he'd just have to play more games.
Not sure I totally agree that nobody has come up with something better (Death to the BCS), but I can agree that if the BCS caved to a playoff debate, they'd probably still find a way to screw over the "non-power" teams.

LA Frog said...

Townsend's a mamma's boy. Have fun getting beat by Utah in the PAC 12-2South