Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Morning Dump

TCU'S perfect season not enough for national title
Fox Sports

Parade of public event to celebrate TCU's Rose Bowl victory
Dallas Morning News

Daniels, TCU beat Wisconsin
Kilgore News Herald

Woodrow draws motivation from Rose Bowl

Big 12 was short sighted in shunning TCU

Tulsa's Chad Morris vs TCU's Justin Fuente
Anderson Independent
-Clemson eying TCU co-offensive coordinator

Improved but inconsistent TCU men open MWC play

San Diego State - TCU preview
CBS Sports

Athletic Department:
Notes on a scorecard

Jones and Carter named TCU athletes of the week


CounselorFrog said...

I usually hate Bill Plashke but this was a good one.,0,6975309.column

BuckNasty said...

He had some good things to say the other day on Around the Horn. I'm starting to like him a little more. Did anyone else hear Herbstreit yesterday on Galloway?

Spit Purple said...

Picked up the LA Times Sunday to see what the locals said and that was definitely my favorite article.

LA Frog said...

"Look, I’m not trying to revive the Southwest Conference. I don’t want any part of Houston or SMU or Rice.

But this is not the old TCU."

OMG, that had me laughing so hard. Maybe we should post this OK article on the pony site?