Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet the Future Frogs: Dominic Merka

Following Laderice Sanders' commitment on March 29th, the Frogs' recruiting class stayed at five members for over a month before adding #6, Crosby QB Dominic Merka.

Merka, who is listed at either 6'4" or 6'5" and 220lbs with a 4.6 forty, was the starting quarterback at Crosby for three seasons, amassing 4,941 passing yards, 2,714 rushing yards and 60 total touchdowns. That combination of size, speed and versatility means everyone has a different idea of what position he'll play at the next level- Rivals decided to stay out of that argument, simply labeling him as an "athlete". Although Coach Patterson and his staff will have final say, watch his video and let us know what you think:


VikingFrog said...

These are the size of kids that turn into great NFL quarterbacks.

I say keep him at QB and mold him into a stud.

Dan said...

Quarterback! no doubt about it.

Tanner said...

what is our backup situation now? i don't know the depth chart like you guys... but i did see that yogi transferred?

I wish him well, but where does that leave us?

Lyle Lanley said...

If Yogi is indeed gone, as the rumor mill says, then next year we'd have:

-Casey Pachall as a sophomore
-Brown as a redshirt freshman
-Sam Carter as a redshirt freshman (although many believe he'll be moved to WR or S)
-Rick Settle (walk-on) as a sophomore

...and then the three incoming freshmen: Merka, Chaz Gonzales and Trevone Boykin. All capable of playing QB in college but also of changing positions.

If I had to guess right now, I think Merka ends up as a TE or DE.

Tanner said...

hmmm. all very young, but I did like what i saw during the NM game. It looked like pachall weighed appx. 120 pounds, however.

I'm excited to see the offensive scheme next year though. Maybe...nervous is more the word. Do they abandon the option that AD continually scored on (and that basically won the rose bowl)? do we go back to the full backfield? do we even have anyone that can play as a fullback?

with a strong receiving core, I say we go the ut route during mccoy's tenure and dump out on bubble screens and crossing routes, especially with an entirely new offensive line protecting a rookie qb.

most of all, I'm afraid of the space marcus cannon leaves (other than AD of course).

Worth Hills Caddy said...

I may be the only one out there, but I am convinced that Matt Brown is going to give Pachall a run for his money for the starting job.

Lyle Lanley said...

Tanner, in response to your question about fullback...Luke Shivers will be back next year. After him? Your guess is as good as mine.

Slay Purple said...

I wouldn't mind molding him into a receiver/QB hybrid similar to Tannehill of A&M. Too many decent QBs cannot be a bad thing.

As nervous as I am about next season, our defense was "supposed" to take a major hit last season after lossing Washington & Hughes and we ended up having the best in the nation...again. Interested to see what we do with Sam Carter

Tanner said...

yes, i forgot about shivers. i completely missed his td in the rose bowl because i was still waiting in line from half time for the freakin bathroom.

anyways...should be an interesting year to say the least. polls aren't giving us much of a chance, and to be honest, i would be happy with only one or two losses. if they can get these new guys into the fire this year and get some legit experience, especially at qb, whoever it is... will be a formidable squad of juniors going into big east play.

as slay purple said though, we weren't supposed to be this good on defense...again.

tcu is now the only team to ever be ranked no. 1 in overall defense 5 times (since they began keeping the stats, 1937 or something). riff ram.