Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet the Future Frogs: Chazten Gonzales

About 24 hours after the Frogs collected commitment #8 in James Bailey, their class got to nine with the addition of Del City, Oklahoma quarterback Chazten Gonzales when he committed to TCU on June 11th.

Gonzales, who measures at 6'2" 185lb, is ranked as the #15 overall player from the state of Oklahoma by Rivals. He was honorable mention All-State at the position he was recruited as, quarterback, but with a 4.45 time in the forty you could easily see him ending up as a WR or a DB if QB doesn't work out.

KOCO, the ABC affiliate for the Oklahoma City area, disabled the embed code on their youtube videos. Pretty weak, KOCO. Instead, you'll have to click HERE and HERE to see some videos of Gonzales.


Tanner said...

hmmm... how many out of state recruits are there this year? plus...how many qb's are we getting? lol. Not everyone can date the prom queen, so i wonder which will get the axe early on.

Does this new-found exposure garner us more recruits from out of state or better recruits instate?

shortnkerley's said...

2 recruits are listed as "QB" with one more "ATH" that played QB in high school. This is a pretty common practice for TCU recruiting. Remember, Jeremy Kerley, Jason Phillips, Antoine Hicks and many others played QB in high school. Doesn't necessarily mean they will be QB's at TCU. It just means they are athletic and more than likely pretty versatile.

There are 6 out of state kids, 3 from OK, 1 from Louisiana, 1 from Kansas (whose brother is a Frog), and a JUCO transfer from Cali. The amount of out of state guys does seem higher than usual, and I kinda like that.

Tanner said...

very nice. i do like more out of state recruits, and i always feel like if there is only 1-2 from a state other than texas it means that they were quite the standout to warrant the attention of the staff.

obv they can't all be qb, i was just kind of wondering out loud which was more likely to be moved in the beginning. and now, there should be good competition for the backup spot, or even starter if GP thinks pachall isn't doing well. more options = good.

Lyle Lanley said...

David Bush also played QB in high school

Slay Purple said...

GP also just stole a recruit from OU (Brandon Carter). Suck it Stoops.

gonzalff said...

i am a big fan of chazten gonzales my qeastion is why do everyone are always saying just because he has a 4.45 speed he could be a wide out or a db this young man can be the next qb if he gets the oppertunity you will see how great he is and the speed its just a pluse (+) this young man can make things happen i just can not wait to see hime in the next level he is going to be one of the greatest qb in college thats my thought about this young man good luck (onechance) gonzales.

Lyle Lanley said...


We've all seen his video, and he's very impressive as a QB. And obviously, the coaching staff recruited him as a QB so they intend on giving him the opportunity to play at that position.

But if you go back and look at all of the high school QB's that have ended up playing different positions at TCU and the sheer number of QBs that will be on the roster next year, it's only natural to speculate that one or more of them might end up playing something else.

Running a 4.45 doesn't mean he CAN'T play QB, it just means that he CAN contribute from any number of different spots on the field.