Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet the Future Frogs: Carter Wall

As if stealing Jon Lewis from Tech and Brandon Carter from OU weren't enough, TCU filled slot #25 in it's 2011 recruiting class by picking the pockets of their crosstown whipping boy, SMU, with Fort Bend Travis offensive lineman Carter Wall. But hey, SMU, you could always just use that trusty Enron accounting and say you already have Wall in order to keep your hollow stock prices rising, right?

Wall, who stands 6'5" and weighs 263lbs before TCU strength & conditioning coach Don Sommer gets ahold of him, received scholarship offers from Pac 10, MWC, Big 12, SEC, and ACC teams among others. He had decided on SMU before GP called to offer him the chance to be a Horned Frog, and like someone offered a free upgrade when checking into a hotel, Wall jumped at the opportunity.

He'll most likely play tackle in college, but as is the case with so many TCU recruits, he's a versatile athlete that could probably move around depending on the situation. One thing that makes me excited about his future as a Frog is that, in photos, he looks like he's 35 years old. Instead of a wide-eyed freshman, it looks as though the Frogs are bringing in a grizzled old warrior who's ready to crush some skulls.

No video. Sooooooorrry.

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