Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet the Future Frogs: Brandon Carter

Two days after Patterson and his staff rescued Jon Lewis from having to spend his college years in Lubbock, they once again saddled up the horses of their raiding party to cross the Red River and bring back a local product: Euless Trinity's Brandon Carter, who became the 24th member of the 2011 recruiting class on January 18th after having previously been committed to Oklahoma...later, Sooners!

Unless you've seen Carter play, it's hard to describe why having him to commit to TCU was such a big deal. Yes, a lot of people were probably excited just because he spurned OU to become a Frog, but it's really so much more than that. Despite all of the size, brute strength and exceptional athleticism that have graced the rosters of Steve Lineweaver's Euless Trinity teams the past two years (which included a state championship in '09 and coming oh-so-close to repeating last fall), there was never a doubt in anyone who witnessed those teams play who the heart & soul of the team was: #10.

I saw one fan on a message board refer to Carter as "more versatile than baking soda". And while I'm sure a lot of our readers have no idea what baking soda really is (if your fridge smells bad, and I'm guessing it does, get a box), that's a great way to describe his high school career. Whatever the game situation dictated, that's where he lined up: quarterback, receiver, running back, corner, safety, kick/punt returner. Not because the Trojans didn't have other great athletes to play all of these slots, but because Brandon is just a flat-out playmaker. He's exactly the type of clutch player that Patterson has built this program on for the past ten years, and while I think he's good enought to play just about any position in college I see him, at 5'11" 162lbs at wide receiver.

He's got a full highlight tape, but the following play tells you just about all you need to know:

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