Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It doesn't get any easier...

Having lost five of their last six games, the Frogs' days above .500 may be numbered. They're now 10-9 on the year and travel to play #9 BYU tonight at 9:00pm on The Mtn.

If you think the TCU football team has owned BYU's titties the past few years, the balance of power in this soon to be dead rivalry might actually swing in Joseph Smith's favor considering the extent to which the Cougars have owned the Frogs in basketball. Since joining the MWC, TCU is 0-12 against BYU...and only one of those losses were by single-digits. Yowch!

And if BYU were the early 2000s Angels and the Frogs were the Rangers of the same period, Jimmer Fredette (pictured above) would definitely be Vlad Guerrero. In the Cougars' three wins against TCU last year, Fredette averaged 29.7 points- including a 45-point outburst in the conference tournament. And I highly doubt he ends up hitting a key two-run double to help win Game 6 of the ALCS to send the Frogs to the World Series, so I don't see this having a happy ending for the purple & white.

On the topic of the basketball team, David Peterson of HornedFrogSports.com has some interesting thoughts on the state of this program under Jim Christian. He compares the situation with the Frogs to that of his hometown New Orleans Hornets, and also reminds us that we should've included some Hornets talk in our introduction of the NBA Trash Talk Forum in Section V considering how many Louisianianians we have reading this blog. Not that it matters, since those forums get used about as much as tight ends in the TCU offense.

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