Friday, January 21, 2011

HUGE Home Basketball Game This Weekend...

... For me to poop on.

After Jimmer Fredette delivered the biggest Mormon-to-Christian dagger since the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the once up and coming, exciting, "turning this thing around" TCU Basketball team has dropped back to, a still exaggerated, .500 at 10-10, and things aren't looking too positive for the forseeable future. But while that 1-4 conference record relegated the Frogs to the bottom of the barrel in the conference standings, believe it or not, with a win this weekend against Utah, they're right back in this thing, at least where our modestly placed expectations are concerned. This isn't on account that they're any good, but mostly that the rest of the conference not named BYU or San Diego State is just that bad. Six - yes, six - of the nine teams in the Mountain West sit at 2-3 or 1-4 in conference play, and should the Frogs win, they go from ninth to fourth in the blink of an eye. Or the swish of a basket if you want to be relevant.

So should we really have hope that the Frogs can put it together and make a run at the top three? Hahahahaha, don't be silly! BYU and SDSU are insanely out of sight out of mind from the rest of the league, and even those goofy upstarts in Fort Collins are out of reach at this point. But truthfully, fourth place is at least a minutely attainable option, and based on how the opening of conference play has gone so far, that's as good as cutting down the nets in early April for this squad.

As for Saturday? Well, these certainly aren't the Utes of Rick Majerus, Michael Doleac and Andre Miller. For one, the plumbing in the locker rooms is much more sustainable now that RJ has moved on to that great cow pasture in the midwest that is Saint Louis. For another, they're kinda terrible, bringing a TCUesque 9-10 record into the DMC, including a 25 point home loss to BYU and another defeat to Portland, which I'm pretty sure doesn't mean the Trail Blazers. However, they are riding a bit of a hot streak into the weekend, taking down Wyoming and New Mexico in convincing fashion in back to back games, although we beat Wyoming, so what does that even mean? And they're one of the conference leaders in rebounding, something that we are not.

On the contrary, the Frogs come into the game having dropped consecutive contests to Colorado State and BYU, lost one of their leading scorers to disciplinary problems, and their most recent pub came courtesy of David Peterson where he compared them to the New Orleans Hornets, a basketball team that will not exist one year from today because their fans hate them so much. On top of that, DMC recorded its first sell out of the season... for an event where no sporting competitions actually took place. The Girls' Riflery National Championships drew more of a crowd than the basketball team has since the early aughts.

All this goes to say, if you've got a wad of cash and you're degenerate enough to bet on TCU basketball, go the other way this weekend.


Worth Hills Caddy said...

If it is not going to work out with Christian, the last thing we need is to make the NIT which keeps his job for a couple years, i.e. The Best Dressed Coach.

Hornedfrog1982 said...

We really need to go steal a coach that is already successful at a big name university. Killingsworth (OK State), Tubbs (OU). Just go get a coach from Oklahoma.

Now that we are in the Big East it should be easier to find a big name coach. Hell go steal Dixon from Pitt.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Dixon from Pitt has always been the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I understand everyone wants to play the alumni thing, but my goodness Dixon has a good thing going up there that there's no reason to screw it up.

The fact is, even when he join the BE, we're still not an attractive program for a coaching prospect. Someone like Christian from a mid major school is our ceiling no matter what. Think we better just get ready to live with him for a while.

shortnkerley's said...

Thinking Jamie Dixon would come coach basketball here because he is alumni is about as assinine as thinking Gary Patterson would go to Kansas State because he's alumni.

CounselorFrog said...

And he has the greatest moment in Frog basketball history.

Here's to hoping that we can get DMC this rowdy again in the near future.

Hornedfrog1982 said...

Sorry Guys!!

Did not mean to get you upset.

You are correct. There is no reason for Dixon to come to TCU. Plus he has never had to turn around a program. He inherited the Pitt job.

I was more thinking in terms of getting a big name from a big school. Out last 2 successful coaches Billy Tubbs left OU to come to TCU so it can be done and Killingsworth (you may not have been born yet) left OK State to come to TCU and he inherited a worse team then Christian.

Just saying.