Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glasgow to be Tech's DC

One drawback of having a successful program is that assistant coaches will eventually be hired away. We saw it happen with the baseball team this past year, when Todd Whitting left to become the new head coach at Houston, and we've seen it happen numerous times within the football program as well. Today we get word that TCU safeties coach Chad Glasgow has been hired as the defensive coordinator at Texas Tech.

All ill-will being directed at Tech right now aside, you have to be happy for Glasgow to get this opportunity to advance his career and move into a coordinator role. We wish him luck, and will be interested to see who Patterson hires to take his place on the Horned Frog staff.


FreeAB said...

I hate to say it, but this one is gonna hurt. On both the recruiting front and the field. Good luck to a great coach, we will miss you.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Yeah, but still... of all of our defensive positions, this is the one that could probably use the biggest upgrade anyway... which is still like saying my Ferrari could use a little more horsepower.
Although, I wonder what Tech fans think about Tubs deciding to hire some unknown coordinator from crappy little TCU to be his DC. I mean... isn't Tubs supposed to be a Defensive Genius and he couldn't find anybody "better" to run his defense than this guy?

shortnkerley's said...

Pretty sure we had one of the top secondaries in the nation last season, and Tejay was a Thorpe award finalist. This one STINGS.

I do think he could come back and run the defense one day after Bumpas retires, if he's not on the fast track to a head coaching job.

Texas Hammer said...

Not to worry, fellow SpitBlooders.

GP and the Stache run this doubt about it!

And GP is in charge of the safeties. Don't know how closely y'all watch GP on the sidelines but he's usually in some poor, safety's grill at about the numbers each time the D comes off the field.

Glasgow was a great guy and even better recruiter, but I'm confident we'll find someone just as good or better to replace him.

Speaks volumes that AQ schools are cherry-picking our POSITION coaches for coordinator spots!