Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dalton a first-rounder?

Could Dalton's strong senior year have raised his draft stock all the way to the first round? ESPN's John Clayton thinks it's possible. Check out the Q&A from his column:

Q: I'm curious if TCU QB Andy Dalton goes in the first round. Dalton, to me, has all the qualities of a franchise quarterback, but I know that some would disagree with that.
Gary in Middlebury, Ind.

A: I could see the Jaguars taking him at No. 16. He has all the makings of a good quarterback prospect. The Dolphins and Vikings probably will go the veteran route. They are trying to win now. I'm not sold the Redskins would take him. For quarterbacks, though, this draft seems very intriguing.

This is the first I've seen the possibility of him being chosen so early mentioned. Certainly his total destruction of Utah in Salt Lake City and his Rose Bowl performance gave him a solid ending to his great college career, but it'll probably be how he performs in this coming week's practices for the Senior Bowl that will decide his ultimate draft stock.


Spit Purple said...

Dick Justice also called him a late first or early second round pick in his article this week.

Tanner said...

wasn't this already posted in a dump?

Lyle Lanley said...

It may have been, Tanner. If so, my bad!

Spit Purple said...

It was, Dalton as a first rounder is deserving of it's own post though.

Slay Purple said...

I was listening to ESPN radio this past week and they had a little clip talking about Andy and how he is training here. There was a lot of praise about how well he should transition to the NFL

Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh great, another 6,000 trading cards I need to acquire when they come out next year...

(This is sarcasm... I'm a mission to acquire an example of every trading card featuring a former Frog and Jerry Hughes is making me bankrupt this year)

Tanner said...

adalton14 Andy Dalton
Heading to the airport. Ready to get to the @seniorbowl

hope he tears it up

CrabblerK3 said...

@Rotten Arsenal - Why would Jerry Hughes' rookie card be tough to come by?

Jerry Hughes Rookie card

He's been nonexistent in the NFL - talked about as a bust pretty freely.

I know it's heresy to speak against the Frogs around here (as it should be), but once they're off TCU, my rooting interest dies pretty quickly (unless they wind up on my team). I hope they do well in life and all that, but as far as football goes - meh. As a Houston fan, I don't care if Hughes ever sees the field in Indy. I hope he ties up cap room in their books for a good long time though.

Rotten Arsenal said...

They aren't hard to come by, but there are just a gazillion of them and most still go for at least .99 plus shipping.

I'm aware of at least 156 different cards (including variations & parallels)... and that's in less than a year.
Now, LT has way more than that, but as far as football players go, Hughes is now SECOND in all-time cards (that I'm currently aware of) which means that there are more Jerry Hughes cards in his rookie (and highly unproductive) year than for the entire CAREERS (plus post-retirement releases) for:
3. Bob Lilly (143)
4. Sam Baugh (135)
5. Greg Townsend (108)

Hughes has more cards than 2 NFL Hall of Famers... I love Hughes, but that just ain't right.

And as for the state of the card industry... Hughes is bad, but from what I can tell, Tim Tebow dwarfs Hughes.

Rotten Arsenal said...

And... if anybody cares (which you guys probably don't), here's the project I'm working on... it's got a long way to go considering I've got to scan and upload over 2300 cards (covering TCU alum in football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, and racing)!/pages/TCU-Sportscards-Archive/122501201126564

And also the TCU Memorabilia Museum:!/pages/TCU-Online-Memorabilia-Museum/122578374451488?v=wall