Friday, January 7, 2011

Bryan Harsin of Boise State to Texas

Bryan Harsin of Boise State to be Texas Co-Offensive coordinator - ESPN

Ha! So many funny stories in this. One, Texas had to go outside of college football elite to find someone to call plays for their pathetic offense. Two, they don't trust the prodigal son and the only thing decent to come out of that program (Major Applewhite) to run the offense all by himself. And just the fact that I am sure average UT t-shirt fan is loving this move even though they have bashed Boise and us for years and how our, and especially Boise's offense, was so inflated just because we played against 8th grade teams. I mean the hilarity is never ending. Hell has truly frozen over. And the Texas football program has fallen through the ice.

And, Boise just lost its OC which is hilarious because they are conference foes as of 1/1/2011 and I must hate them.

Yes, I realize I am posting this at 7 on a Friday...I am a loser.


Spit Purple said...

Lost their OC to tx and their DC to UT last year. Sounds like there is some serious interest between Peterson and Stanford. Could be a rough offseason for the Broncos.

shortnkerley's said...

Harsin. I'm commenting on a Friday night. Who's the bigger loser?

Zachary said...

As a UT and Boise fan (yeah...i know) I am pumped for this.

j_kauhs said...

Love this post, and you're not a loser, we WON the RB, remember?