Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boise on the blue?

Originally Boise was simply supposed to fill in for Utah this season which would mean that Broncos would be traveling to Amon G this fall. However, it appears that since the MWC is understandably not happy with our pending departure to the Big East the game will likely be moved to Boise. I don't know if that means that we will get to play a different MWC team at home or how that would impact our other games.

Read the story in the Idaho Statesman here

The real question this creates is, will Boise now be my conference road trip game or can will it be possible to endure the blue turf for a full game on TV?


VikingFrog said...

Every time I have watched a Boise game it has seemed like there are zero away fans at the game. The Home Crowd seems to dominate that stadium. Not sure if it is small or other teams just don't travel well to it.

I would rather play them at home knowing their record on that field. Gimmick or not they know how to win at home.

On a side note, we are putting together a nice little home win streak as well, so I can see why they would be scared to play us at home.

BuckNasty said...

Semi-rebuilding year coming up. I say lets play them there so we don't have to worry as much about blowing that winning streak at home. But seriously, what a bunch of pussies for trying to change the schedule. Just deal with it, it's only one game.

j_kauhs said...

What a bunch of lilly livered pansies. Like we didn't beat BYU @ home, or UTAH @ home, or Clemson, or Oklahoma???

I really HATE those smurfs....

Cro-magnon Frog said...


our home schedule is going to blow monkey nuts if boise doesn't come play us at home.

lots of blow outs, and lots of empty seats. It's going to be hard to continue producing higher attendance figures with a home schedule like:

New Mexico
Colorado st.
FCS school

I know Tech is scheduled to play us but I really doubt it's going to happen, or it will move to jerry world and we lose home field advantage and ticket sales.
thats about all I got so far for solidified home games. but it isn't promising....

Spit Purple said...

I keep hearing Tech is going to back out for the second year in a row. That will leave us looking for 3 games. I know we usually pick up one or two late but this seems a bit absurd.

LA Frog said...

Ohh the crafty Thompson is at it again. Sure it's a "Thank you for building up the league, but F-you for leaving" to TCU. I can understand he wants Boise to run the table this year and get another BCS bid for the conference, so Smurf Turf gives an advantage. GP will use this "no respect" card to get his boys fired up next year. Sorry about the bad home schedule, but being out on the left coast I will travel to this game.

LA Frog said...

I really hope we get a good non-conference game (or 2 if Tech backs out). I'm rooting for you CDC to get this done. Maybe GP can call in a favor to Chris Fowler to get this done.

Cro-magnon Frog said...

We should try to hook up with one of our Big East bretheren for an OOC next year

Riff Ram said...

Well Tech backed out:

Texas Hammer said...

Boise's stadium holds around 34k.

Definitely making that my annual road trip hate game, if necessary.

I'd be SHOCKED if we didn't sell out every single home game next year...capacity around 30k, no?