Friday, January 28, 2011

Because I Obligated Myself.

Kind of Funny that they're both Gay now.

TCU vs. Air Force. 5:00PM. CBSCS.

After successfully keeping their now 4 game losing streak intact in New Mexico on Wednesday, the Frogs travel back home to go for number 5 against the Air Forces. Believe it or not, TCU is actually on a bit of a roll against the Falcons, having swept the series both years under Christian. Could this be the game that turns the season around? Doubtful, but there are a few reasons to be hopeful. Or at least there are probably a few reasons to be hopeful, I actually don't know any to be completely honest. Air Force is a game ahead of us in the standings at 11-8, 2-5 having knocked off Wyoming and Utah in conference play. They also haven't been blown out in any of their conference games, despite having already faced off against conference leaders BYU, SDSU and UNLV. Remember, basketball is the THIRD priority for these guys behind serving their country and getting an education.

No word on whether or not Ronnie Moss will be back, but he would certainly be a boost to any team that shot 33% from the field in their last outing. I know they always say that it's really hard to root against the Armed Services, but I've never found it that difficult in football. But in basketball? I'll probably go for the good guys... and they're not wearing purple. I reserve the right to my cynicism until the team proves otherwise.


Wyoming @ #4 San Diego State.

San Diego State is looking to bounce back to winning form after losing a tough one to BYU Wednesday night. Can they do it? Well, Wyoming lost to us... so yeah, they can.

#9 BYU @ New Mexico.

I'd say this should be a really good game based on what UNM did against us on Wednesday night, but that's kind of like saying Dude, Where's My Car is the greatest movie of all time just because it's better than Freddie Got Fingered. Regardless, this one is at least watchable.

Colorado State @ Utah.


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