Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rose Bowl stuff to watch:

Here are some videos from the Horned Frogs meeting with the media out in L.A.:

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One Down...

Not from last night's game, but it was the best I could do for Amric Fields.

Well, it was the easiest one of the bunch, but they all count the same in the win column. Apparently taking note of my flawless prediction system from last week's post, the Frogs came out and absolutely smothered the (insert mascot here) to the tune of 99-73. It was the Frogs' biggest offensive output of the season and would've topped the century mark had we fared better than our 71% at the free throw line.

I think we all assumed that in Thorns' absence the onus would fall first on Ronnie Moss, then some sort of pupu platter of JR Cadot and Garlon Green, but it was Amric Fields getting his Jesus Shuttlesworth on last night, finishing with 26 points to lead all scorers, including three 3's. But, Cadot arguably had the bigger game, contributing a double double with 19 points and 10 boards and, apparently, a veritable highlight reel of scrotum tickling dunks. In his first game back running the point, Moss played the part well, dishing out more assists (7) than shot attempts (6). His night ended with 9 points.

Of course, as there always will be, there are a couple of nits to pick here, namely on the defensive end where we allowed Chicago State to score 10 points more than their season average, including letting guard Carl Montgomery drop 30. Clearly they lack offensive balance much like the Frogs of yesteryear as no one else even scored in double figures, but if we can't shut down a one man team that, to use a term from its home base in Big Ten country, DEFINES little sisters of the poor, then that San Diego State conference opening game next week could be a terrifying proposition. Those 15 turnovers need to be cleaned up as well.

But enough of my nay saying - we got the W and have a chance to post our best season opening record since before I had any idea I was even attending TCU. We're not going to shoot up any bracketology lists, but we didn't get tripped up and that's the main thing to remember. Tulsa is up Tuesday and will be well rested after a seven day layoff. Should be a very good indicator of where this team is without Thorns.

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