Friday, December 24, 2010

Rose Bowl Preview: Special Teams.

As a companion to the "completely mailed in preview part 1: Offensive Line" post, here's your second half featuring the Special teams units.

Run Down:

Kicking For Points:

TCU - Ross Evans. 11-13, long 43. 65-70 PATs

Wisconsin - Phillip Welch. 15-19, long 49. 67-67 PATs.

Oh, you can make your extra points and don't take kick backs from bookies to keep the spread intact? YOU WIN, BADGERS!

Edge - Cheese.

Kicking for Field Position:

TCU - Kevin Sharples. 66.1 yd average. 14 TB, 0 OOB.

Wisconsin - Phillip Welch. 64 yd average. 10 TB, 1 OOB.

The numbers don't lie.

Edge - Frogs.

Punt Returns:

TCU - Jeremy Kerley, Curtis Clay, Skye Dawson. 14.8 yd avg. 0 TD.

Wisconsin - Jared Abbrederis, David Gilreath, Aaron Henry. 11.1 yd avg. 0 TD.

Our last chance to see Kerley Fries.

Edge - Frogs.

Kick Returns:

TCU - Jeremy Kerley, Greg McCoy, Skye Dawson. 26.7 yd avg. 0 TD.

Wisconsin - David Gilreath, James White. 22.6 yd avg. 1 TD.

Tough Call.

Edge - Push.


TCU - 20.5 yd avg, 0 TDs on kick returns; 7.2 yd avg., 0 TDs on punt returns

Wisconsin - 24.4 yd avg, 2 TDs on kick returns; 12.0 yd avg, 1 TD on punt returns.

Edge - Frogs.

That's a nice, comfortable 4.5-1.5 margin for the Frogs. So if you're into special teams, the Frogs are your team.

Eight more days. Merry Xmas Eve.

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