Thursday, December 9, 2010

TCU's Rose Bowl allotment SOLD OUT

So much for TCU not being able to travel, huh? The school has sold out of it's initial ticket allotment of 20,000, and is requesting more from the Rose Bowl. Not bad for a school of about 8,000...

Big 10/Jim Delany Hate

Jim Delany- Quite possibly the worst combination of bad hair and dumb face I've ever seen.

Continuing on my theme of hating anyone and everyone who has anything negative to say about a team that just finished its second consecutive unbeaten regular season (that would be TCU, duh), I now turn my attention to another Big 10 Blowhard- Commissioner Jim Delany. Delany decided to take the Gordon Gee approach, and publically cry like a bitch in this article, because apparently being in the Big 10 is soooo tough and unfair. If I had to guess, I'd say that Jim Delany was the kid who threw a bitch-fit every time he had to share his toys as a kid, and probably took his basketball and went home crying whenever he didn't get his way in some schoolyard hoops.

I guess I get it, Jim. You're old. Not Gordon Gee old, but old enough. You don't like the idea of a new face in college football. You LOVE watching the fatbacks of Wisconsin rumble for 3.5 yards per carry with the occasional play-action to the white tight end mixed in there. You really like that, despite having Vince Young (or Scam Newton) type talent, Ohio State chooses to put Terrelle Pryor under center and run a conservative offense, even though it inevitably costs them a game every single year. Seriously, is there a more outdated conference in the entire country than the Big 10? JOE PATERNO IS STILL COACHING!!! The Big 10 reminds me of West Texas in a way- it's boring, slow, out of date, and depressing. Note to Taylor Martinez at Nebraska: TRANSFER. They're just going to try and conform you or bury you on the bench. Just look at Michigan- they are trying to change, spread it out, and usher in a new type of football into the conference, and they want Rich Rodriguez out. He's finally getting his people in place to make it work, and they want him out, because it's not what the boring as shit dairy farmers, steel workers, and unemployed titans of the auto industry want to see.

Back to Jim Delany and his crybaby whine fest in New York. Considering his conference, arguably the most overrated conference year in and year out, pretty much gets 2 teams in BCS games a year, I don't really see why Delany takes such issue with the TCU's and Boise's of the world getting into a BCS game. Is it really such a "sacrifice" to give TCU a spot in the Rose Bowl?? Pretty sure the Big 10 isn't losing their spot in the game, because your teams weren't good enough to get their asses handed to them in yet another national championship game this year. I don't have the numbers, but I am pretty certain that little ole Boise State, with all their weeknight games that we watched regularly on ESPN, out-drew all of the games on the Big 10 Network, and probably most of the 11am suckfests which consisted of the likes of Northwestern, Indiana, Illinois, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and not to mention, if you did catch yourself watching one of those games, you had to listen to the most boisterous female voice in sports- the lovely Pam Ward. Seriously, it's quite emasculating to here her on my TV every morning, knowing that she has bigger testicles and a more prominent Adam's Apple than me. If TCU wasn't stuck with such a garbage TV deal, the country would rather watch us than anyone in your conference as well, so we aren't exactly freeloading on the higher ups in college football as you think we are. Look in the mirror, Delany- the freeloaders and sunk costs of college football are the bottom of the Big 10, which unfortunately for you consists of about 6 to 7 teams most years. TCU has just made their second BCS appearance in as many years, is building a brand new stadium (which was paid for without the aid of the Big 10), and sits in the most fertile bed of football talent in the country. Now why do you think we are such a drain on you, Jim?

Pam Ward- The epitome of Big 10 football.

Delany goes on to complain that "those who have received the most have put in the least", obviously a reference to TCU, Boise, and even Utah. Would you really say we've received the most? I think combined we have received 7 BCS bids over the span of the BCS and arguably been screwed out of a national championship birth or two. Would you really say that we are receiving a ton? I wouldn't. I'd actually argue the exact opposite. We are up against so many factors that try to keep us OUT of such games. TCU, Boise, Utah, etc have to overcome the stigma of not being in BCS conferences (for now) in recruiting, tv contracts, funding, respect, and just about every other crucial aspect to build a prominent program in modern day college football. The fact that all of these schools have overcome that should be a testament to how hard they've worked, how great their coaching staffs have been, and how much their fans have come along to get these programs into the public eye, and even to have assholes like Jim Delany trying to tear them down.

I feel like I also need to mention that Jim Delany is one of the biggest anti-playoff guys around in college football. Why? It's simple- The Big 10 would never win a playoff...ever. They would also lose all their glorious BCS bowl money that they get annually for the 2 ass beatings they usually take. The Big 10 LOVES not having a conference championship, because having one means another team loses and probably doesn't get that second BCS spot, or it results in a team losing and missing out on their inevitable national championship ass pounding at the hands of an SEC foe. It sounds to me like Jim Delany and the Big 10 are just flat out scared of any sort of change and progress in college football. That would explain the addition of Nebraska- another former power whose slow plodding ways and inability to adjust to modern football have left them behind (except Bo Pellini has them on the right track). The reason they fear this change and progress is because it spells doom for a conference that has coasted by strictly on reputation alone for too long. So bash us all you want, accuse us of freeloading BCS money, and say what you will about our smaller status and lack of clout, but when it comes down to it, like Del Conte said, we will play you anytime, anywhere, so just name a place. Hopefully January 1 will be a HUGE statement to the nation, but more importantly the Big 10 nation, that we are not a team to be taken lightly and we aren't going anywhere.

Sorry for the rant, but seriously, everything that comes out of the mouth of any sort of Big 10 geezer exec just pisses me off beyond belief. So you too, Jim Delany, can die a slow, painful death. Maybe you'll have a heart attack trying to keep pace watching the Frogs as we run an up and down the field on Wisconsin.

After Puking in First Half, TCU Rallies With Yeager Bombs.

After last night's major comeback win over Texas Tech went final, I knew I was going to have to do another post about TCU's basketball resurgence. Not that beating Desert SFA is any feat - and whoo boy, it's really not because they are NOT going places under Pat Knight - but considering the product we've been used to over the past few years, taking out any Big 12 team, even a bottom feeder like the Raiders, certainly has to be cause for a little celebration, right? I mean, 7-3 may not sound like much, but it has to be one of our best starts in the past few years, no? Well, turns out, even in the throes of the Daugherty era and the glory days of Art Pierce, TCU has actually done fairly well in early, non-Conference games, and started 7-3 as recently as Christian's first year at the helm. Yes, that same team teased us with a conference opening win against UNLV, stretching that record to 11-5, before losing 12 of their next 15 games, but something really DOES feel different this year, doesn't it?

For one, I don't really know how else to describe it other than using the Jon Gruden-esque, "We have PLAYERS who can PLAY!" By that I mean, we don't have to have Zvonko Buljan going into berserker mode or Ronnie Moss trying to act like LeBron in order to keep us in games, anymore. Case in point - Moss is the leading scorer on our team this year at 15 a game, yet he's only been the high point man in half of our games. Garlon Green, JR Cadot and now Sammy Yeager have all helped shoulder the load. These guys actually play as a team now and are athletic enough to hang with the majority of the teams on our schedule, although the first real test comes in the conference opener against SDSU on January 5 in Fort Worth. I know we'll all still be coming down for our post Rose Bowl high at that point, but if things keep going the way they're going, it might be the biggest "don't miss it" game of the year. At least until BYU comes to town. HATE! HATE! HATE!

To continue this trend of putting way too much emphasis on one game against a team that's going to finish no better than the bottom three of its conference, last night TCU trailed Tech 36-32 at halftime. Like many of you, since the majority of our early season games, like the revolution, will not be televised, I rely heavily on my Sportacular iPhone app's in game updates to keep me current on what's going on in our games. Yes, I realize if I were a true fan I'd at least tune it to part of the game via KTCU, but seeing as how it was the weekly premiere of a new Friday Night Lights episode, this clearly wasn't an option - sorry Frogs, I like you a lot and all, but you haven't done enough to drag me away from Coach Taylor's epic halftime speeches or Julie Taylor's milk jugs quite yet. So anyway, when I saw it was 36-32, I didn't abandon all hope... but I mean, did anyone else REALLY expect these guys to come back from a deficit, no matter how small, on the road against Big 12 team?

So you can imagine my surprise when the next update flashed the score 81-71 TCU with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game. And it was an even bigger surprise when, after things went final, I checked the box score and saw how we did it. Yeager's massive game is clearly the story of this one - 22 points, 9 boards, 3 blocked shots in 28 minutes off the bench - but, five players in double figures? 49 points after halftime? And, perhaps most shockingly, a 48-34 edge in rebounds, including 23!!! offensive boards. That's a solid days work right there, boys. I believe I wrote in my initial over-reactionary basketball success post that my biggest fear for this team was that it would be eaten alive on the glass as the season wore on and was going to rely heavily on fast break opportunities to outlast a lot of teams. Case closed for now, at least until we get to the meat of our conference schedule. Also impressive for me was that, despite getting bitten hard by the failed 3-pointer bug of years past (5-17, 4 of which came from Yeager), the Frogs were still able to pull out the win and keep the hype train rolling. The fact that it came against a Tech, a place that once considered itself to be something of a basketball school and one that most of us hate so, so much, is just gravy.

But like I said, we've seen 7-3 or better several times before so clearly that mark isn't a barometer of future success. But I like the way the team plays and I really, really like the direction we're heading in Christian's third year. Every game now is the biggest game of the season, and it just so happens that the next one comes to you on live TV this Saturday when the Frogs stay on the road for the second consecutive game against a Big 12 opponent, travelling to face 8-2 Nebraska. It's not the most robust 8-2 record you'll see across the NCAA, but they've still taken care of business and, if we're talking common opponents, they took out the same USC team that we did. If you'll recall, we've developed a bit of a thing with the Cornhuskers since Christian came to campus, facing, and losing to them, in both of his first two seasons Perhaps the third time is the charm? We'll see at 1:00PM on Saturday, which, coincidentally, is the first Saturday with no real college football. Could you really ask for a better midday treat than this? Go Frogs.

(FYI - it's on something called Fox Sports Midwest which I'm pretty sure you can only get here with a paid sports package subscription... which is all the more reason to head to a bar and get your Saturday started early!)

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